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Authentic Content Can Help Build The Right Connection With Your Customers

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 21-Jun-2018 14:15:00

Nobody likes being sold to.  We've all experienced it haven't we.  Where you get the feeling the only thing on their mind is to get the sale.  They do all the talking and NO LISTENING.  Telling you all about the product or service they're flogging. They don't take a second to consider what it is you're actually after. They break all the best-practice sales rules

It isn't a great feeling is it? 

The experiences we remember and respond to are the ones where people take the time to get to know you.  They ask questions.  They listen.  It's evident they're genuinely interested in you.  And instead of flogging something to you they suggest how they might be able to help you.  They generally offer more than one solution because they've taken the time to gather as much information about you. 

There are many words to describe the difference between the two experiences.  One word that springs to mind for the memorable experience is authentic.  What they've done is build something real, meaningful, genuine.  Authentic.  

Annabel & Susan Strategic Social Profiles

Selling online is no different.   Creating authentic content is key to building a more meaningful relationship with your customers.  In this blog I'm going to cover the why and how of authentic content and show you some of the ways we do it.  


  • The stats around the amount of content created on the internet each day is incredible.  To get cut through to your customers you want to be able to stand out.    
  • Content that is honest and transparent will create more readable, relatable and ultimately more engaging content.  
  • Meaningful content will ignite a connection, help build an ongoing relationship with your readers and they're more likely to share it - delivering you greater audience reach.


  • Undertake your own research about a subject relevant to your product or service
  • Create your own visuals, videos, infographics - use tools like Canva 
  • Don't be afraid to write from your own experience, share your own stories - we've found this approach to often be the most compelling 


  1. Susan & I take turns of writing our fortnightly blog.  We both write in our own way and people that know us both comment how they clearly reflect our individual styles.
  2. We created this LinkedIn infographic following an analysis of what were the most common elements missing from our customers LinkedIn profiles 
  3. We include our story on our website, in video, posts, proposals, testimonials - any way we can because it is our story and it is 100% authentic. 

Another example of our own authentic content has come from our learnings of starting a business and working with many other small businesses.  We've created an 11-Step Social Media Strategy plan explaining the steps needed to create an effective social media strategy.  The development of that authentic piece of content led us to create new services within our business.  Yet another reason to creating authentic content. 

Click below to Download YOUR 11-Step Social Media Strategy.   

Download YOUR 11-Step  Social Media Strategy If you need help at any stage with your Social Media Strategy - Strategic Social Profiles can help.  It's what we do, create social media strategy for small business - helping you Social It Yourself.

Strategic Social Profiles

Social Media Strategy to Help You Social It Yourself

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