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Am I Ready for LinkedIn? A few handy tips ...

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 23-May-2016 16:47:31

Please raise your hand if you've ever wondered am I ready for LinkedIn? 

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When you see a LinkedIn invitation pop into your email, do you ignore it because you know your profile isn’t quite up to scratch? Or if you see your dream job advertised, do you hesitate in applying because you know the first thing a recruiter is going to see is your half-finished LinkedIn profile?  Do you find yourself asking am I ready for LinkedIn?

First impressions are everything. Studies have reported that upon meeting it takes only 7-seconds for people to make significant decisions about one another. The reality of today’s digital age is that many of your potential customers or future employers are getting their first impressions about you from your social media profiles.

This makes it even more important that your LinkedIn Profile is up to scratch

A guide to first impressions on LinkedIn – a few handy tips on what’s important:

1) Add a professional profile photo

Your profile photo is one of the first things that people will notice when they open your LinkedIn profile. So it is important that you have a photo that is credible, assured and professional. This can be achieved in a number of ways including, wearing business attire and having a confident facial expression. It is also absolutely essential that the photo is a current photo of you – you want to make it easy for people to know they are connecting with the right person.  

Adding a profile photo can result in 14 more views than someone without a photo.

2) Reach an All-Star Linkedin Profile Strength.

LinkedIn measures the strength of an individual profile based on its completeness and the strongest profile strength is known as “All-Star”. Social Entrepreneur and Author James Cann highlights that “A complete LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about a person’s level of professionalism. A completed LinkedIn profile can indicate to recruiters that this person has the complete package.”

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn than someone with an incomplete profile.

3) Have a summary that is authentic and truly reflects you 

The summary of your LinkedIn Profile is also extremely important. It uses words (actually 2000 characters) that help build an excellent first impression. The summary, if executed properly, provides so much more than an opportunity to highlight strengths and achievements – it provides an opportunity for you to be authentic and truly reflect your professional self. Your summary needs to be interesting and creative and should include stories on what motives, inspires and drives you. It provides an opportunity for you to be personal and to really show who you are.


These are just a few handy tips and suggestions to help you create great first impressions on social media.

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