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Using Social Media To Own The Relationship With Your Target Audience

Posted by Susan Davis on 26-Sep-2018 10:09:00

There are many ways to promote your business and find your ideal target customer.  However, in small business we are generally challenged by a few pretty large barriers -

Own Your Audience SSP

1. Money- starting out means not a lot of cash available to advertise and scale up your marketing in a significant way.  We need customers on board to give us money to re-invest in this area.

2. Time - when you start your small business, you are boss of EVERYTHING.  You are busy working in the business and you grab moments when you have them to dedicate to working ON the business. You are pulled in so many ways to all aspects of running a business.

3. Know-how - you are the expert at what you do, and you probably use Facebook and/or Instagram as part of your social networking with friends.  This doesn't necessarily make you social media savvy. You know a bit, but you're unsure of the steps to take to creating a social media strategy for your business, right?

I'm going to give you a few tips on how to use social media to own your relationship with your potential customers.

Do your research always understand what is happening in your particular industry or marketplace.  Where are your potential customers researching, engaging and shopping?  What content is resonating with them?  What are your competitors doing?  By understanding as much about your target audience as possible will allow you to attract and convert them to your product or service.

Create a Plan if you don't have a plan, how will you stay focused and provide consistent, quality content for your audience?  Putting a few posts on social media isn't going to cut it.  Your customers want to see what you have to sell, how it will enhance or change their life and they want to know where and how to purchase and to make that as easy as possible.  By creating a great social media strategy you will find out all the steps involved in ensuring you have regular contact and engagement with your audience. Each piece of content you create will bring people to your website and grow your visitation, this is where you can then convert into customers.

Be Authentic don't go pretending to be something you're not - your social followers sniff out fake and in-authentic brands in a heartbeat.  Tell your story, your path to getting to launch and show others what's possible.  Get your audience to love your story, what your brand stands for and they will become advocates and tell others.  It's the classic word of mouth or social shout out.  Just don't always make it about you, you, you!  Ask your audience for input by sending out questions - do a quiz or get them to help decide next colour or product range.  Nothing is more authentic than taking your audience along for the ride.

Just Do It! we all want to be fastidious and fussy when we start our social media marketing, however the longer it takes to get active, someone will step in on your territory.  The best place to learn about your social marketing is by doing it. You may not have it 100% right, or ready, but by just biting the bullet and getting started you've made one of the best (and cheapest) decisions in terms of your marketing journey.

Analyse, Adjust & Repeat - great, you've started posting and you're gaining traction with your target audience.  Let's hope you're even getting some sales.  So you don't start turning your audience off, you need to regularly review your social media statistics and adjust what you're doing.  A different picture, colour range, product shot or headline - play around with it and find out what works and what doesn't.  Stop the posts that aren't working and do more of the ones that are - that's the repeat part!

Remember, investing some time and having a great plan will ensure you have a great start to building a tribe of followers and loyal customers who will help you promote and grow your business.  

We've created an 11-Step Social Media Strategy. If you'd like to find out more about the 11 Steps needed to create a social media strategy.  The right steps.  In the right order.  Hit the button below. 

Download YOUR 11-Step  Social Media Strategy 

 If you need help at any stage with your Social Media Strategy - Strategic Social Profiles can help.  It's what we do, create social media strategy for small business. 

Strategic Social Profiles

Social Media Strategy To Help You Social It Yourself

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