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Strategic Social Profiles

How Strategic Is Your Social Profile?

Posted by Susan Davis on 21-Nov-2018 10:03:00

Sometimes I wonder how often professional people stop and reflect on the power of their LinkedIn page and how their image and commentary are perceived by their network.

Do you use LinkedIn often, occasionally or not at all?

LinkedIn isn't only a digital version of your resume anymore, in fact it's now more widely used for applying for jobs, recruiters finding you for roles, networking, doing business and becoming an authority in your profession.

Having a solid strategy for how you use LinkedIn can certainly ensure you set yourself apart from others.

Consider some of the times you may re-think having a look at your LinkedIn profile and ensuring it matches up with your professional image and goals.

  • Are you about to job hunt or reach out to a recruiter or to a Company you'd like to work for?
  • Are you considering a work promotion?
  • Does your Company have a link to your LinkedIn profile on their website?
  • Are you looking to create a business profile vs your personal one?
  • Are you considering joining a Board of Directors and want a profile that reflects this?
  • You want to dial up Brand YOU
  • You want to become known as an expert in your area of expertise
  • You want to actively grow your network (and business)
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What Does An Incomplete LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 07-Nov-2018 11:07:13

Even before we started our business I was a fan of the professional networking site - LinkedIn.  In my sales & marketing focused roles I found it a great resource.  I could connect with new and existing contacts and research people, topics and organisations. 

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