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Social It Yourself - Tips On How To Set Social Media Goals For Your Business

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 20-Feb-2018 14:13:06

Over a few blogs Susan and I are going to do a deep dive into a topic close to any small business owners heart: Social Media Strategy.  Well, if it isn't, it really should be because the difference between having one and not may be the difference between you achieving your overall business goals and not.  We'll introduce you to our Social Media Strategy Mind Map and if you follow it you'll be able to do it yourself a concept we call Social It Yourself or SIY!  

Define and Set Goals Social It Yourself .pngWhen you start a small business all the "how to" sites and blogs point you in the direction of business plans, marketing plans and start-up checklists and strategies.  These are all very important and provide an outline of your business goals and how you're going to achieve them.  Having them will also greatly improve your chances for success.  

It's pretty safe to say that social media plays an integral part of most of our lives.  Looking at the sheer numbers highlighted below reinforces that: 
  • Facebook has 1.74 billion active users
  • Over 50% of Facebook users access the platform more than once a day
  • 45% of online women use Pinterest 
  • Tweets with 1 to 2 #hashtags get 21% higher engagement than those that don't

It's also pretty safe to say as a small business you need to be on social media because the reality is it's where your customers are.  So what does "be on social media" mean? For most it means being on a number of social media platforms - Facebook for Business, a website, a blog or a Twitter account.  If you really want to be effective like Mr. Drucker (Renowned Business Thinker) says you need commitment and you need a plan - that's where a social media strategy comes into it.  

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans." Peter F. Drucker     

Where do you start?  We suggest the first step is to define and set your social media goals.  I'm going to list some things to consider that will help you get started with your social media goal setting:

  • Like all goals they will need to be SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based.
  • Begin with broad goals you'd like to achieve in the first 12-months such as:
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Generate leads and sales 
    • Build a community of followers
    • Gain customer insights
  • Set goals for each social media platform you're on
  • Identify the metrics for each goal - this is where number of followers, the reach of your posts, the number of mentions or shares of your posts come into it.  
    •  A metric around driving traffic to your website might include tracking the traffic from social media and this can be done through Google Analytics
  • Audit your starting point - you'll want to know where you were before you really made the commitment to being active, consistent and strategic on social media
  • Review and improve.  Take the time to understand the analytics - these can be easily accessed on all your social media platforms: Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Analytics 

Take the first step.  Define and set your social media goals.  Congratulations you're on your way to creating a social media strategy for your small business and improving your chances of business success.  Click below for our 11-Step Social Media Strategy e-brochure -  it highlights what you'll need to do next.  

Download YOUR 11-Step  Social Media Strategy 

If you need help at any stage with your Social Media Strategy - Strategic Social Profiles can help.  It's what we do, create social media strategy for small business. 

Strategic Social Profiles

Social Media Strategy to Help You Social It Yourself

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