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Social It Yourself - The Importance Of Research To Create Great Content

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 20-Mar-2018 10:00:00

Over the last few weeks we've given you the steps you need to take to get you to the point where you're ready to get started on your content.  The end game here is to write engaging content because remember content is king.  This blog will touch on how research assists you to achieve that and a few tips on how to develop and write engaging content for social media. If you are looking to execute your social media strategy in-house, research is a key step and will help you Social It Yourself - SIY. 

Social It Yourself Content Research.png

"Research is creating new knowledge." Neil Armstrong

The content you're creating is about something you know exceptionally well - it's about your product or service.  That however doesn't mean you don't need to include the tried and tested practice of research.  The content you're creating needs to be a mix of original material and curated or shared material.  Researching the web for facts & figures, articles, images, video and so much more will assist you to build a bank of information and references that will help you create your content.

Research is something that's ongoing for me.  I always have in mind topics my customers are interested in and whether I'm talking to someone, reading the newspaper, attending a seminar or reviewing my LinkedIn feed, if relevant information pops up, I'll add it to my "Content" folder for future reference. 

"Content is King." Bill Gates 

A few things to remember from what our Social Media Strategy Mind Map has guided you through so far:

  • write to your audience 
  • tailor your content for each social media platform - because they're all different 
  • stick to your social media calendar - because you want to build momentum 
  • and stick to your budget and your assigned roles 

Of course I research 'content' topic regularly and I have a number of go to sources.  I'm going to share my top 5 tips and a few of my trusted links:

  1. Write with intent - you want your content to communicate to your audience - so know what you want to say and be clear about it
  2. Have a strong and consistent voice (that includes your imagery, logo, tone etc) everything you do impacts on your customers' impression of your brand
  3. Create visual content because your customers want to see things rather than read things 
  4. Be authentic - tell a story, make it emotional, use analogies and metaphors because you want to be remembered and you want your customers to respond
  5. Keep it short

A few trusted sources 

"What is Engaging Content and How to Create It" Neil Patel

"5 Practical Steps to Writing Sensational Content" Ann Handley    

"How to Create Content for Short Attention Spans" Hubspot

We have an excellent social media strategy brochure to help you organise and take the first step.  You'll soon be on your way to creating a social media strategy for your small business and improving your chances of business success.  Click below for our 11-Step Social Media Strategy e-brochure - it highlights what you'll need to do next.  

Download YOUR 11-Step  Social Media Strategy 

If you need help  - Strategic Social Profiles can help.  It's what we do, create social media strategy to help you Social It Yourself. 

Strategic Social Profiles

Social Media Strategy to Help You Social It Yourself

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