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How's Your Social Media Expertise?

Posted by Susan Davis on 24-Oct-2018 10:05:00

As a business owner, posting on your Facebook Business Page or Instagram page is enough, right?

Finger on the pulse

Well, not quite.

Did you know this is only one small part of social media?  With so much happening in the social platform space with changes, upgrades and new features being added in all the time, you really need to stay on top of what is happening across social AND where and how your target audience is engaging with them.

This blog is designed to give you a quick snapshot of 10 possible areas to take note of and perhaps put on your list of things to consider in making you the 'expert' at managing your social media pages.

1. What are your numbers telling you? Look at your analytics, are they growing or declining? Can you tell why?

2. Is your target audience still on the platforms where you are posting? It's silly to be wasting your time creating and posting content that has no audience!

3. What is the most engaging type of post that gets the most shares, likes or comments? Usually it's content that addresses a pain point for your target audience.  Also personal, genuine story-telling really resonates.

4. Have you ever asked your customers for a testimonial you can post? Don't forget to include a photo, it's more genuine and real.

5. If you have a product or service that may be of interest to the business professional, have you considered a LinkedIn strategy? It's a platform that many business owners miss, check out the numbers.

6. When was the last time you updated your skills by attending social media workshops or undergoing some online module refresher training? This is an important one given the never-ending changes and updates happening in the social space.

7.  How recently have you had a look at your website and done an update? Keeping your site fresh and engaging is paramount.  Do all your links work? Are pages loading quickly? Could you update some images? Don't forget to check you have your social media icons on your website too!

8.  Take an audit of your content - do you constantly sell, sell, sell and talk about your product or service in every post?  Stop doing that - there's no quicker way to get followers to start un-following you.  Remember the 70/20/10 rule.

9. Are you using video yet? The numbers and engagement are proof in themselves, so get on that iPhone or camcorder and jump onto the video bandwagon.

10. Are you using Facebook & Instagram Stories? Designed for really short videos or imagery, only last 24 hours, but great if you want to keep things fresh and engaging.

So there's our 10 tips.  There are many, many more - however doing a few of these will ensure you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to your business' social media pages. 

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Strategic Social Profiles

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