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Strategic Social Profiles

How To Avoid The Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 10-Oct-2018 10:16:00

Susan & I began our business over 3-years ago so we've been working in the social media space for quite a while now.  It's been a huge learning curve and still each and every day we uncover something new.  So it doesn't really surprise us when helping our clients with LinkedIn or their social media strategies that they're making simple mistakes. 

There's so much to be across. Things change on each platform all the time.  For our clients there really isn't enough time in the day to make sure they're up to date with everything. 

So I thought I'd provide some tips on how to avoid the most common social media mistakes.  With a focus on LinkedIn Profiles and social media activity for businesses.

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It's the worlds largest social network for professionals with over half-a-billion members.  It's where potential customers, recruiters and employers go to connect with like-minded individuals.  It's where you can showcase your experience, skills and achievements.  It's the perfect place to build your professional brand. 

As long as you're doing it right.  These are the mistakes to avoid:

  1. Incomplete contact details. DO fill in your email, address, phone and website.  You actually want to make it easy for people to get in touch with you.
  2. An unprofessional headshot.  DO ensure your photo is current, you're wearing business attire and a confident facial expression.
  3. No summary.  DO complete it, this is the area where you can tell your professional story, so don't leave it blank, write it in the first person and express who you are.
  4. Your headline only states your role. DO more than include your role, this is one of the most visible areas on your profile so make the most of it, let people know your strengths and expertise.
  5. No skills or out of date skills.  DO include at least 5 skills and ensure they reflect the experience you've gained throughout your career not just the ones you added when you first signed up to LinkedIn.

Social Media 

Most businesses need to be on social media because that's where their customers are.  There is, however, more to being on social media than just having a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. 

To be effective you need to get it right. These are the mistakes to avoid: 

  1. Posting too much or not enough. DO get the balance right and get to know how often your customer wants to hear from you and when.  
  2. No strategy or plan. DO have a plan in place as it will guide you with everything you do on social - your direction, resources, outcomes - everything.
  3. Having incomplete information.  DO fill out all the information you possibly can on your social media pages as they are the perfect spot to inform customers of what you do and who you are.  Ensure they are current, complete and consistent. 
  4. Not knowing your audience.  DO know who your ideal customer is as this will help you create the right content, on the right platform that's tailored for them.  It's so important and will help you build the right relationship with the right customers.
  5. Create content that's all about you.  DO ensure you have a mix of content.  Yes you want to tell your customers about your product or service but you also want them to know you understand them.  That's where the 70, 20, 10 rule comes in.

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Strategic Social Profiles

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