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6 Reasons Being Able to Social It Yourself vs Engaging a Digital Agency Makes Sense.

Posted by Susan Davis on 02-Aug-2018 13:00:00

I cannot tell you how many times Annabel and I have met with a client and they tell us some horror story about feeling ripped off by a digital agency they engaged to create and post on social media.

Understanding how to create social media strategy for your business

Bad service, no reports, big fees for little return, ad on costs not included in the upfront proposal....the list goes on.

Perhaps some of reason it didn't go to your expectation is that YOU weren't quite sure what to expect! Did you have a social media strategy in place?

I'm not here to slam digital agencies.  For some businesses, they play a critical role in currating and managing busy social media accounts. 

What  I'm writing about in today's blog is 6 reasons why a small business doesn't need to engage a digital agency - early on in your business;  PLUS I'm going to share with you our new online program that will get you ready to manage your business' social media in no time.  We call it Social It Yourself.

It really is all about YOU. Let me explain -

1. No one knows your customer better than you.

2. You want to ensure your brand or service is authentic to your existing and potential customers.

3. You want to engage and respond to feedback, reviews or questions in a timely manner. How authentic is it when someone who doesn't even work for the business responds on your behalf?

4. Deep down you want to learn how to do it yourself, you just don't know the ins and outs and steps involved in getting yourself knowledgeable.  Agencies can make it sound so difficult, confusing and technical.  We can help get you up-skilled and prepared (check out our link below).

5. Money! A digital agency will cost you...probably more than you thought you'd invest. Don't rush in to going with an agency.  Even if you think you're too busy/don't have time/don't know what to do/not sure it will work. You don't want to spend money on social media outsourcing until you absolutely know it's time to go with an agency.  

6. Understand your social media followers, platforms and customer engagement BEFORE you outsource it, that way you will know exactly what you want an agency to do for you. You will have the control - not visa versa.

So, if all that is stopping you from embracing social media yourself (or in-house) is learning the steps to creating a social media strategy for your business, click on the button below.

We've created two online, easy do-it-yourself Social Media Packs to get you up and running or re-engaged with your dormant social media pages. We take you step-by-step through the 11 Steps to creating a Social Media Strategy.  Done in your own time, at your own pace. 


 If you need help at any stage with your Social Media Strategy - Strategic Social Profiles can help.  It's what we do, create social media strategy for small business. 

Strategic Social Profiles

Social Media Strategy To Help You Social It Yourself

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