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3 tips on how to build a professional brand

Posted by Annabel Sullivan on 23-Jun-2016 17:00:00


Before I share 3 tips on how to build your professional brand let me start with why you need to? In today’s digital age it’s so easy for people to find you. So it’s more important than ever that you invest time to ensure your online (and offline) branding is truly reflective of the professional brand you want to be known for and represents brand YOU. 

So how do you build a professional brand?

Start with a great online profile and reinforce it with your offline behaviour. 

  1. Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile: To reach an All-Star level you need to complete almost every section of your LinkedIn profile including the photo, the headline right through to your education and experience. A profile that really stands out and provides the opportunity for you to build your professional brand is one with a tailored summary. 
  2. Facebook Profile versus Facebook Page: It's possible for a company to separate personal and business by creating a Facebook Page. It’s an account that gives your business a voice and a presence on Facebook. If done properly and with some flair it will reinforce and bring your brand to life and help differentiate your business from your competitors.  If you aren’t going to go down the Facebook Page path and use your Facebook Profile for your Personal Brand here are some rules that will help you keep it professional.  
  3. Don't forget your offline self: Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon said “Your brand is what other people say when you leave the room.” This reinforces how important it is that your offline activities and behaviours align with the reputation you want to create and how you want to be seen in your professional world. So the next time you’re at an industry function or called into a board meeting what are people going to say when you leave the room? Here are some suggestions of how to brand yourself offline in the real world.

These are just a few tips and suggestions to help you build a professional brand. 

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Strategic Social Profiles

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