Where Do You Start?

This is the most common question we get asked.  "Where Do You Start?" when you want to get active on social media. 

We were in the same position when we started our business and did things back to front and wondered why we didn't get the social results we wanted. We simply didn't have all the steps in our social media strategy worked out.  

We knew we wanted to do it ourselves and didn't want to outsource to an expensive digital agency. So we designed our own.

Let us share our learnings with YOU.  Download our 11-Step Social Media Strategy e-brochure.  It includes: 

Susan & Annabel

Directors - Strategic Social Profiles

We developed the 11-Step Social Media Strategy as an easy reference tool for small business owners who want to use their social platforms to engage with customers and grow their business. 

We've found this tool is a great starting point for any small business owner and answers the question of "Where Do You Start?" on getting active on social media platforms.